20 August 2012

Wish List #23

01. Cross Jumper | 02. Galaxy Jumper | 03. Sausage Dogs | 04. Clutch | 05. Skirt | 06. Earrings
01. I spotted this Cross print jumper on Missguided and then of course found it on eBay hastily afterwards. eBay and Missguided have about 80% of the same stock but eBay is cheaper if you'd never noticed! It's still only £12.99 though so not too bad at all. I liked it because it reminds me of some of the Topshop Unique pieces.

02. I've been eyeing up that galaxy jumper for the longest time now (slight exaggeration) I've yet to see it in my size though :( 

03. If you didn't know, I'm rather fond of sausage dogs! I think these are so cute! Doesn't even matter that they don't match my room, lol.

04. Move aside £38 Topshop version and £20 Zara version and say hello the £8 Select version! I MUST stop walking past Select and remember to go in and find it. (Also in black too)

05. My black skater skirt gets a lot of wear, so it seems only right to buy another colour! 

06. I keep looking for these earrings in Miss Selfridge and the similar Topshop ones but I can't find them, so my search extends to Brighton this weekend. 

Speaking of Brighton.. I'm not entirely sure how relevant this wish list is, I'll probably just go into Primark and forget everything! Are there any Brighton shops that are a must visit?


  1. I love all of this! Those sausage dogs are so cute! xx


  2. Love that galaxy print jumper !
    And those sausage dogs are really cute to :)
    Launa in Ponderland

  3. I love the jumper! Right up my street aha!
    Ashleigh x

  4. Great find!! :) Love the clutch!! :)


  5. Love that red skirt, it's such a nice colour! xx

  6. Those sausage dogs are so cute! Love the galaxy jumper too :) x

  7. The sausage dogs are sooooooooooooooooooooo cute x

  8. I love the skirt and the galaxy jumper! I wouldn't worry about getting a size that's too big for the jumper as oversized jumpers are super comfy and look pretty cool too :) also as a reply to your lovely comment, I'll be on the Canterbury campus at Kent Uni. I am so excited!


  9. The sausage dogs are so cute! xo

  10. The sausage dogs are fabulous & I love the little studded clutch.

  11. I can't believe that Select do such an affordable version of the studded clutch, I was so close to caving in and heading to Zara!
    I'm totally with you on the MissGuided/eBay thing, I'm forever buying from eBay instead, so much friendlier to my bank balance, haha xx

  12. i love that galaxy print jumper! The colours are so pretty! <3

    Ellen xx

  13. I love the galaxy print jumper...I think I might try my hand at a DIY version... Oooo Brighton has a good few shops, Dirty Harry is one of them, has really nice vintage clothes... also there's a bunch of nice shops/open markets in the lanes; the markets usually open on weekends and are full of amazing bargains :-)


  14. I am in love with that jumper! It is so cute!
    Great post :)

    Natasha Carly x

  15. LOVE the galaxy jumper, I'm a bit late with this trend but ohh well!


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