17 August 2012

Olympic Nails

Yes, it's a bit late.. But there's the Paralympics! I think I'll be recycling some of these ideas - let me know if you did an Olympic inspired nails!

The first ones are definitely my pride and joy! I spent a fair amount of time on them because I thought they'd be the only time I would be at the Olympics - we saw the Cross Country. You can see the planet jump in the background! Apologies the pictures aren't amazing, I need to train my family up when it comes to using a dslr :P

The second designs were for when we lined the Streets of London to watch the Triathlon in Hyde Park. We also went to the BT London Live to watch the track cycling on the big screens, how exciting! Was safe to say there was a whole lot of glitter on my bedroom floor after that nail painting session! 

The final designs were for the Modern Pentathlon which we managed to get tickets for just a few days before! We were really lucky, but it just goes to show perseverance really does pay off :) (That ticket website was driving me up the wall...) GO GB!

Hope everyone's Olympic blues aren't too bad! Did you go and see any events? Are you off to the Paralympics?


  1. I love these nails,the first ones especially!! xx


  2. I love them :)

    I didn't do them but i did them fr the jubilee :)
    my faves are the glitter colours.

  3. I love the nails :) A kid who grew up in my street might be swimming in the paralympics x

  4. I haven't done the olympic nails, but I really love first&second photo nails. x

  5. So cute!! Wish I was good at painting my nails! x


  6. They are all amazing but the first ones are really AMAZING! They must have taken you aaages :) x

  7. Love them and you were so lucky to see all of that!! xx

  8. Haha I just read your nails as Gogb... Got me very confused :) I got to see handball at the Olympics, didn't know wheat it was before but it had such a great atmosphere
    It would be mine

  9. Omw! These are super pretty and cute!! :) Love it!! :)


  10. That is definitely gorgeous idea. Love your nails design. x


  11. Cool nails! I love everything here! Great blog dear! I am now following you! Follow me back please!

    Blow A Rainbow

  12. These nails are amazing!


  13. These are really good and they're not too late there's still the paralympics (:

  14. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog, this looks amazing! What a great idea! I wish I had more patience to play around with nail designs!
    Lovely post :)

    Natasha Carly x

  15. Omg, so cool!! :D

    Kisses ♥


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