18 December 2011

Week In Illustrations #5

 These pictures are a bit dark, I didn't realise. How annoying >.<

Monday: Seemed to spend most of my free time watching Youtube video's, I'm so hooked! I also ordered a few more presents including the much sought after Technic Carnival polish (OPI Rainbow Connection dupe) and a Paul's Boutique purse which I won't be receiving because it was out of stock. Cheers for updating your website Cult.co.uk. Grrrr!

Tuesday: In the evening I went to a chocolate factory - such a dream! We got to make a chocolate Christmas tree, a lollipop and some 'modern florentines' as they called them. Basically a blob a chocolate with a load of sweets stuck in it, NOM!

Wednesday: I tried on a few of last years dresses, for Thursday nights antics and remembered how much I love a good old baked potato, haha.

Thursday: Had my hair cut (it doesn't look any different - in case you were interested, even though I had 3 inches chopped off it!) Had my Christmas meal, spent a fair amount of dosh and then went out on the town afterwards! Above is just a small selection of the drinks I consumed - uh oh!

Friday: A few 4am texts, aren't they just the best?! Always fun re reading them when you're sober :\ Afraid to say I may have reignited an old fire, whilst being the Queen of mixed messages! I also felt very very yucky - no sympathy required, all self inflicted! 

Saturday: Went off to Olympia, check out my drawing of my horse, actual lol! One day I promise I'll do a nice week of illustrations and not just these silly doodles! My mum and I also went to Primark afterwards, Oxford Street was mobbed - not a very pleasant shopping experience.

Sunday: Quite a chilled day, I decorated the Christmas tree, caught up with lots of cleaning and started planning for the week ahead.

Speaking of the week ahead, I think I'm going to try and blog every day from now until Christmas and perhaps after Christmas. I suppose that would make it 12 Days of Blogmas? :P



  1. Looks like you had a fab week!
    And yay to the chocolate factory!! yum!! :)


  2. Blogmas? That is amazing! I will be looking forward to your next posts!

    Xoxo, Mary from ♥ meowwzie.blogspot.com ♥

    P.s I also love baked potatoes. They are the best!

  3. Haha, good luck with the daily blogging :) x

  4. Cute drawings, your week sounded fun! :) xxx

  5. Love the illustrations of your week :) Tuesday sounds amazing.. a chocolate factory wow! I'd love to go there! x


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