11 December 2011

Week In Illustrations #4

Quickly wanted to post another week in illustrations as I missed last weeks! Definitely not up to scratch - Christmas time is so busy! Hoping things will be a bit quieter this week, you never know though, people tend to spring things on me.

Monday: Tried to catch up with everything after my weekend in Reading. This included sleeping, unpacking and Youtubing :)

Tuesday: One of those lovely days where you leave the house at 8am and get back at 9:30pm! It wasn't all bad though, I managed to pick up some bargain heels, eat McDonald's and then went ice skating for the first time in about four years!

Wednesday: Started my Christmas nails (post coming soon!) and made some Christmas cards whilst chilling in my cow onesie.

Thursday: Discovered a new addiction for spaghetti hoops on toast, and did all the boring household jobs.

Friday: Continued with my Christmassy nail art, whilst packing for another weekend away! Also juggled going to see Breaking Dawn, buying a new pair of leggings and eating my third McDonald's of the week(!!!) I usually never have Maccy D's! :S

Saturday: Helped lots of annoying children with Christmas craft and made myself a few cheeky gingerbread men.

Sunday: Came home after a rather nice Christmas dinner - asides the Quorn, honestly thought I was eating a piece of meat! Watched the X Factor final (hooray Little Mix!) and churned this post out whilst wishing I could go to bed!
Hopefully more posts this week, hope you're all well :)

P.s. Just previewed this post and noticed how rubbish it is, apologies! I think it's time for bed!


  1. Looking forward to seeing your christmas nails, I have a cow onesie too that I'm wearing right now as I type this :) xx

  2. your drawings are fab!!
    and i love those heels! :)


  3. Thanks for your comment Sophie :)

  4. This is the first 'week in illustrations' post that I have seen and it's such a cute idea! I bet they take ages, but they are well worth your time, it's such a lovely idea! I look forward to seeing your christmas nails!

    Fashion Stereotype


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