21 December 2011

Blogmas Day 3: Kittens!

I'm currently 'kittensitting' these two cuties! They're only 8 or 11 weeks old (can't remember which!) and I have them until Christmas Eve :) Unfortunately the photos aren't great due to lack of light and how fast the little blighters are, but I thought you'd enjoy them anyway!
Just can't wait to see what's in the Glossybox!

They don't have names yet so if you'd like to suggest any then go ahead! (They're both girls)


  1. Ohmy they're so tiny! How cute xx

  2. That's so weird you got your grandad a cheeseboard! I asked my friend suggestions for the post and that's what she suggested aha

  3. Oh my god! They're the cutest things ever!
    Cats are the best, I can't wait until I get my own house and can have hundreds of them!
    I don't know what I'd name them.. I've got loads of names ready for my future cats but they're all for different coloured ones (I want to call a ginger cat Biscuit for example) and I hadn't thought of getting a black one. Ahh, I'm a crazy cat lady! :)

  4. I like the name Matilda, but I can't think of another one! They are very cute!

    Pip x

  5. Awwww how adorable are these two?!x

  6. They are adorable! I got my cat, murphy, from a rescue centre when he was two so I missed out on the cute kitten period, but I imagine he looked just like this. My friend's cat has just had grey kittens and I'm debating getting one but I don't think my cat would be at all impressed! X

  7. those cats are soooooo adorable! I love cats!

  8. They are sooooo cute!
    i think you should name one Alexa and one Bella ;D

    thanks for your comment as well xxx

  9. Awwww i'm getting a kitten, picking him up xmas day! :D Sooo cute xox

  10. OMG they are soo cute!! think I am in love xxx


  11. Aww! They are so adorable! I love most animals, including cats of course, and I really, really love black cats (and black dogs, black bears, etc). It's sad though, that some people believe that black cats bring bad luck when they cross your path.

  12. So, so, so cute! And I picke dup my glossybox from the post office today too (: xxx (ps, I think you might have misspelt your email address on the bit of blogger where you say where you want them to email your comments, I get emails that say my comments haven't been delivered. Unless it's just my account being funny!)

  13. They are just too cute, lovely photos <3

  14. Sooo cute, but what sharp looking claws!!

  15. They look so cute, I'm always stuck with giving my pet name, hopefully you will come up with something ;) xx

  16. aww they so cute i got a black cat who will be 1 in feb his huge now though lol


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