30 December 2011

Golden Dalmatian

Top: Primark | Cardigan: M&S | Skirt: New Look | Tights: Primark | Shoes: Topshop | Necklace: Topshop 

This is what I wore shopping with a friend today, I was a bit hesitant as it's a bit 'officey' but I thought I'd just go with the flow! Today was the first time I've worn my bargain £1.50 Topshop collar necklace (reduced from £14!!!) I find it quite difficult to style. It was also the first time I've worn my dalmatian top... Can I ask what is wrong with Primark sizing?! I can only just get it over my boobs.. That NEVER happens.

I was also realised just how much hair I actually have. (See third picture!) My hair used to be really fine when I was younger, now look at it!

New Years Eve tomorrow, what is everyone doing? I've no plans, I'm hoping something last minute will pop up but I doubt it. I'll probably just pig out and watch Youtube videos... Definitely don't fancy paying to get into Wetherspoons like last year.. Scandalous!


  1. :o I do really love this top, the design is super pretty!! :) xox

  2. Love your shirt and shoes, so pretty! xx

  3. That necklace is adorable

  4. primark sizing is mental isn't it?! xoxo

  5. I do love this outfit! The shoes are so cute! :)

    Lucy xx

  6. I have so much love for that top! Primark sizing used to be quite good...now I range from a 6 to a 14 in one trip!

  7. LOVE this outfit! What a cool shirt! That red coat just brings this all together! Love it. :) Im just hanging out with my boyfriend and my parents for New Years. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  8. Super cute! Love the shoes. Happy new year.

  9. Loving the dalmation top, I've not seen it in the Primark I work in I doubt we will get it. Love the collar, I think it would be great over plain dresses, on a collar-less blouse, over a jumper or under the collar of a shirt. Hope you had a nice new years x


  10. I love the print on your top! Hope you had a happy new year too! x x

  11. I have to agree with Primark sizing at the mo!! xx

  12. the shoes! the shoes! You've got the shoes! I've wanted these for ages but unfortunately due to my stupidly narrow ankles they fall of my feet :(
    I love this post, Happy New Year xx


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