24 October 2011

Sunday Summary #5

Sunday springs round again! Apologies for not blogging much this week - sometimes there just isn't much to blog  about! I have a few ideas for the next few weeks though so hopefully I'll be on fine form ;D ...Expect a couple of wish lists and then maybe a couple of cheeky new purchases! I still haven't posted one from about three weeks ago also.

1. Garnier BB Cream samples, I do love a good freebie!
2. Another freebie - Burberry Body Perfume. Nothing too special imo.
3. Stacks of false nails ~ exciting!
4. Sneak peek of my new winter coat, whole post dedicated towards it soon :)
5. Anyone else spot the Mock Croc Nail Effects in the Barry M catalogue this week? I'm dying to know if I can get it elsewhere, they've kept it very quiet!
6. Failing at cards.

Other highlights included: Lots of X Factor watching (why is Frankie still in?! He makes me want to vom, an actual walking STD!) I also found out my Dad is off the America soon, any recommendations on American make up?


  1. I really want that mock croc, i don't understand why they haven't advertised it at all!!


  2. Ooo i want to try the croc nailpolish!

  3. oo, that barry m varnish looks good! xx

  4. Luckyy, I'm always so excited about going to Lush, xx

  5. Oo cant wait to see what your winter coat is like, def fell in love with my two for this year, I gave them a post each too :D

    Lucy x

  6. fantastic blog!!love your posts!


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