11 September 2012

Wish List #24

01. iPad | 02. Cross Earrings | 03. Horse Earrings | 04. Bag | 05. Cardigan | 06. Lipstick

01. *Hopefully* getting an iPad on Saturday. Eeep! I'm still undecided though about which colour to get - I think white looks more sleek but will it get dirty though?! Swaying more towards black.

02 & 03. I've been loving River Island's bargain jewellery section, I recently got a pair of moustache and cross earrings for £2 and £1.50, can't go wrong really!

04. I saw this bag the other day but I'm not sure if it will squeeze my SLR in it! I'm an expert in cramming as much junk as possible into bags though so it probably will! I love the gold studs, they're not too in your face.

05. I keep seeing lots of chunky knit cardigans (I was more of a jumper girl last year) and falling in love! Here's the latest one I've spied.. Not enjoying the price tag at all though.

06. Shy girl lipstick. Does anyone have this lipstick? What do you think of it?


  1. Definitely go for the white iPad - love it and you'll most likely keep it in a case so it won't get dirty :)
    I love the cardigan and bag!

  2. Such a great wish list :D My friend India at - http://www.thejewelbeauty.blogspot.co.uk/ purchased Shy girl a few months back and she loves it. I'm sure she done a review on it :)



  3. Really love that cardigan and those earrings !
    I to was really into jumpers last year i think i'm going to give cardigans more of a go this year as well :)
    Launa in Ponderland

  4. Ooh I love those earrings! The MAC lipstick looks amazing - I haven't got it but the reviews I've seen are great :) x

  5. I have a white iPad and it doesn't get dirty I love it. I really like the bag :)

    I'm having a giveaway at Sophie Rose Beauty Blog, make sure to check it out! :) x

  6. Loving the earrings! Let's get them now? :)




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