02 September 2012

What Happened In August

Ukrainian Embassy Bus | Wenlock spotting | Team GB | Triathlon | London Live
Slow Shutter Speed | I ♥ U | YSL in TK Maxx! | Nails Inc in TK Maxx | Jack Wills lipsticks for £2 each | Inside of a bottle | Arty wineglass
Clare Balding! | Cow horse | Weeee | So many people | 2012 pin badges | Mum's bracelets | Samantha Murray - Silver Medallist | The Shard | Wenlock had too much Domino's...
So yummy! | Forgot I had this make up bag | New clutch bag | Keep or return? | Cat stapler | Got them!
Grey day in Brighton | Giant jelly tots | Friends 21st | Heartbeat | Inka | Mutt | My phone is capable of Twitter | Maggie
It took me a while to think what I actually did in August.. And then I remembered I spent most of it in front of the TV watching the Olympics! I am wondering where August went though, I can't believe it's September already - don't we need to start thinking about Christmas now?! 

I'm quite looking forward to September, I'm going to be working more which means MONEY! An iPad and the Office Nighthawks shall be mine. Let me know if you've got an iPad, which one you've got, what colour, which network you're with.. Basically everything haha :D



  1. Love the cross tights, keep them!

  2. Great pics!! Those giant jelly tots look amazing!! :o


  3. Wow, looks like a great month! I went to the paralympics last night and they were amazing! what editing program do you use to get the pictures in the cute little collages? x

  4. I loveee the Jack Wills lipsticks :D one of my favorites is Hot Pink but i love the look of your light Pink one on the right, what the name? Might have to get myself one :D

    Thanks for sending your link through #bbloggers chat :D i'm your newest follower :D hope you'll take a little wander through mine too :)



  5. seems like you had a very lovely month of august. xx


  6. Wow, your pictures are so awesome! Thanks for sharing ^_^ You'll love the iPad once you get it. I got the black one wifi only. I also have an iPhone with Sprint, and a 13" MacBook Pro. Can you tell I love Apple? :P

  7. Cool pictures!



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