08 September 2012

End Too Soon

Top, Skirt, Belt, Shoes: Topshop | Cuff: Gift | Nails: 'Bubblegum' Models Own

Uh ohh, one of those entire Topshop outfits - hate it when that happens! This is the other way I wear this top, I much prefer it like this rather than with leggings, I think it looks a bit more dressed up. I definitely need another colour of this skirt asap, I literally wear it all the time! If you're thinking about buying one, go for it. 

I could really do with some kind of curling tong, the straighteners just don't cut it. Although considering these curls are from Thursday night, they haven't done too badly and they managed to withstand a rather messy night! Leave me your recommendations below (I basically just want Kim Kardashian hair!)

Enjoy your Saturday night, I suspect half the country will be having a BBQ!


  1. Gorgeous outfit! I have a grey Topshop skirt like that, they're so versatile! Beautiful hair too :) xx


  2. Gorgeous outfit, your shoes are just the cutest thing ever!

  3. Love your top and that cuff is adorable! You can never go wrong with a bit of Topshop :) ox

  4. Gorgeous outfit! Those shoes are super cute! :)


  5. Those shoes are so cool haha!

    Love Roza

  6. i love these shoes, i can't believe i haven't spotted these before!


  7. your hair is gorge!

    those shoes are so fun - thanks for sending your link, hopefully you can check mine out?!

  8. Those shoes are ridiculously cute! I have the babyliss curling wand, it's so easy to use and is the only ones I own where my curls don't fall out straight away :) xx

  9. Just found your blog on FromGemwithLove. Kudos - really love it! Also, nice hair! have been trying to get mine that long for years. I think mine just stops growing after a certain point!!

    any tipS?!

  10. A fellow Kent person :D yay!


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