04 September 2012

Cough Cough

Top: Topshop Sale | Shorts: New Look | Shoes: eBay | Satchel: Topshop | Lips: Nude, Jack Wills | Bracelets: eBay & Topshop

Look at these bad boys I got from eBay - loafers, leopard print and spikes, oooffftt! They're slightly furrier than I expected but for £15, I can't complain. Naturally, I now want the pink pair too. On to the outfit, I wore this (besides the shoes) when I went to Brighton except I never got the chance to take any pictures because I wasn't at home. I also think the people I was with would've been a bit alarmed if I just whacked out my camera and tripod and started my own little photo shoot! 

I've been loving my £2 sale Jack Wills lipstick. It's exactly like MAC's Creme Cup, same texture, application, scent. So if you see any I'd snap one up! I also dug this old Topshop satchel out of my wardrobe which I haven't used for about a year but it's still in good shape considering I used to use if for college every day! It's completely full of biscuit crumbs though ;)

I joined Pinterest last night! I'd forgotten I'd even sent an account request tbh, but if you want to follow me I'm right here. Mine mainly consists of nail art, sausage dogs and DIYs, but leave your links below! 
P.s I'm not ill, the title is just a song I've been listening to today!  


  1. Love those shoes! The print on your top is so cute too :) Definitely going to look out for Jack Wills lipstick :)


  2. love your bag! and I have that top too, hehe:)xo

  3. I love the top :) I'm following you on pinterest :) x

  4. Love this outfit, the top is so cool! Those loafers are AMAZING, saw some almost identical ones in Topshop but more expensive :) x

  5. those loafers are incredible. x


  6. love your bag!

  7. I LOVE that top, I think the sleeves would irritate me though :(

  8. cute outfit! Hey, if you want, check out my blog
    www.nessa-mae.blogspot.co.uk, If you like it follow on GFC and Bloglovin, and I ALWAYS follow back xx – Vanessa Mae

  9. The lip shade looks really pretty like a natural colour but better !
    Lovely bag too (:

  10. Your hair looks so gorgeous x

  11. You look so pretty! I'm loving your loafers. xo

  12. Gorgeous loafers! I wish I kept my college bags in such good condition too! xxx


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