19 September 2012

Blog Love

In no particular order...!
Chelsea Jade Loves...
   I've been reading/following Chelsea's blog for a while now, and I still love the content! She owns some amazing clothes and unique jewellery and shares multiple ways of wearing a certain item of clothing. One of my favourite posts on Chelsea Jade Loves... are the street style ones - I'd love the be able to have the confidence to go out and style snap strangers!
Amy Baby Face
I love Amy's really effortless outfits, I don't think I would necessarily pick out any of the clothes on a shopping trip, but she sure makes me want to go and buy them!
By Jaymie
I've been such a fan of Jaymie's blog for a long time now! I love her illustrations, she's such a talented drawers. Her blog is full of great inspirational pictures andddd, she has such a cute cat! :) Jaymie is also the owner of a fantastic jewellery shop, which I will get around to buying from one day.
Caught Up On Cake
I'm fairly new to Katy's blog but I've fallen in love. She mainly does outfit posts whilst also having great written content too - which can be a rarity at times in the blogging world..! Katy also takes some really pretty photographs and posts about how to wear a certain item.
Don't Eat Leather
If you're a bit of a nail junkie like me, you'll probably enjoy Claire's blog. She recently did a 15 day nail art challenge which was brilliant and she also posts about beauty. Her blog is full of little handy tips and tricks as well as reviews. 

Have you fallen in love with any blogs recently? Leave 'em below!


  1. Oh thankyou for this lovely! I really appreciate it :) Checking out some of the others I've not vidited before, I love Amy and Katys blogs x

  2. Oh Sophie, this is the sweetest. Thank you ever so much, it's truly lovely. Really is.
    I'm also a huge fan of Amy's blog too!x

  3. I love these kind of posts because it means I get to find new amazing blogs! I love By Jaymie and Caught Up In Cake so much :) x

  4. Thank you so much for the shout out :) xxx

  5. Thanks for the blog recommendations!

  6. lovely post!

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

    ps. enter my new giveaway to win a dixi arrow bracelet. it's worldwide, too! :)


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