28 June 2012

What Happened In June

As June soon draws to a close I realised that it's been quite a busy month! I anticipate July will be even busier though! I don't usually do these Instagrammy posts as I'm boring and always forgot to take pics but I've got quite a bit to share so I thought you might like to see :)
Breakfast at Gatwick | Duty Free! | Guernsey beach 
And again | Jubilee 21 Gun Salute | Candles
 Little Chapel | Inside | Made entirely from bits of pottery!

Made a phone case, here | Sleepy Selma | Finally got some Real Techniques brushes!
Tiny elephant candles | Cupcake candle holder | Tomato pom pom
Guernsey cow and donkey fridge magnets | Freshwater pearl bracelet | Hair feathers are back in
Mum's vintage satchel | Dip Dye | Tesco's changed the vodka bottles?!
New shoes which I've wanted forever | OOTN | Make up
Blue Lagoon | Much more organised | Comfiest hoodie
Looking for Birthday presents | The best gift - an electric fly swatter! | Boots splurge
New favourite polish | New Converse | Sunbathing kitty
I won Molly's giveaway! | I don't want to burn this | Should post this ootd soon
Hope you enjoyed this post, I nearly gave up after Photobucket just refused to upload my pictures properly! (A couple are still dodgy) I ended up making a new account!


  1. I am so excited for duty free when I go away!

  2. I literally cannot wait to go on holiday and hit the duty free!


  3. I love this post! I wish I knew how to do them I'm such a noob with editing :( the mac lipstick looks so pretty and I love the last outfit of you, looking lush skinny minnie! x x

  4. I love that pastry in the first photo - pastry is my absolute downfall, croissants are just amazing!! xx

  5. Great photos, looks like you had a lot of fun in June :D

  6. Omg i totally LOVE those floral thick heel shoes.


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