05 June 2012

eBay vs Topshop #7 | Jewellery

I got a bit stuck on what to post exactly but I figured jewellery's a safe bet! I'm a massive fan of Topshop jewellery but it's so overpriced - usually I wait until it all goes in the sale a pick up some super bargains!
Comb chain hanger, £8.50 | eBay version, £3.99
3 Band Link Chain Rings, £8.50 | eBay version, £1.99
Collar Tips, £14 | eBay version, £2.90 (numerous designs!)
Trail Feather Ear Cuff, £7.50 | eBay version, £1.99
Glasses and Moustache Necklace, £10 | eBay version, £3.59
Multi Colour Skull Ring, £7.50 |  eBay version, £2.99
Cube ring, £8.50 | eBay version, £2.29
As I said above, I got a little stuck for idea this week so if you have any themes/items you might like to see leave them below! :)


  1. Love all of these! As a theme for next time, I'd love to see whether eBay do some good version of Topshops pastel garments? Sort of selfish, because basically pastels are my favourite things to wear, and I love how dainty they look, especially pastel clothes from Topshop, but Topshop is just so overpriced!

    Pip x

  2. I love the first ear cuff with the hair thing on it!

    Project Rattlebag


  3. I love these posts so much, so tempted to go and have a scavenge on ebay to find some dupes myself now! If you're looking for some more ideas I have heaps! How about those high/low skirts, or the studded/embellished denim shorts. Bags and purses are always good, and you've already done one above but the hand chains are great! xx

  4. I love the ear cuff with the feathers, so beautiful :-)

  5. I'm the same as you, I love topshop jewellery but they usually charge at least £10 for a necklace which is silly, eBay is the way forward!


  6. I've never really looked to eBay for jewellery, but I'm loving your picks here might have a browse through and see if there's anything that takes my fancy. I adore the glasses and mustache necklace, even prefer the eBay one :)


  7. I love these posts, saves me sooo much money :)

    THANKS hun :) LaceyLoves

  8. Love the ebay ear cuffs !
    Dying to try one of these out !


  9. On most of these pieces, I prefer the ebay alternative! Although, I do love topshop jewellery! I will have to keep an eye out of ebay for jewellery next time :)


  10. I love your Vs eBay versions, I do the same myself always hunt down things on eBay, specially where jewellery is concerned!


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