27 November 2011

Week In Illustrations #3

Monday: Listened to Rihanna's new album Talk that Talk a lot, so kinky haha. What's your favourite song from the album? Discovered when the Topshop nail art pens are being released, realised I'd been a vegetarian for 5 years to this month. Was delighted when my cat came and slept on my bed for the night - which she never does!

Tuesday: Had a glitter overdose when painting my nails. Looked up train tickets for going to Reading next weekend (woo!) and started doing some Christmas craft - only slightly early!

Wednesday: Spent hours looking on ebay for 'designer inspired' items as well as adding some complete gems to my Christmas list. My nail art brushes also arrived which I'm very much looking forward to using :)

Thursday: Went to Toys R Us to look for my cousins Christmas presents but ended up just wishing I was a kid again. Also rediscovered my love for peanut butter as well as forgetting how much I enjoy a bit of Brie too!

Friday: Picked up some amazing bargains (I'm still getting over it - it's now Sunday!) and found a new collar and jumper combo!

Saturday: I went to the golf course (I don't play!) and indulged in too many cheesey chips. My mum took me to Hobbycraft in the afternoon too. There is so much Christmas craft I want to do!

Sunday: Pretty shattered after lots of early mornings, so caught up with the hours I'd missed! Distanced myself from the world a bit because it all gets too much sometimes. Made my dad a wish list about a foot long for him to take to America with him :D

I've got a pretty busy upcoming week, but I really want to get a DIY done so hopefully you'll see that :)


  1. Wednesday looks like the best day! I love this feature (:

  2. These pictures are so good! I love the way you write asewell, if you know what I mean, the way you desribe things :)

    Thanks for always leaving such lovely comments on my blog!

  3. This is such a fantastic idea, what sweet drawings! Love the ebay logo.

    I could live forever on peanut butter! It's deeelicious!

  4. Great illustrations! I think I need some nail art brushes. I got a shock the other day when someone asked me how long I'd been vegetarian and I realised I've been veggie for nearly 16 years! That makes me feel very old! X

  5. I love these posts, your illustrations are so cute!
    Thanks for letting me know about the smoothies!

  6. Love the idea of using illustrations to display your week... if only I could draw ;-). Looks like you had a lovely week! :-D

  7. Your drawings are just too cute! I love Rihanna's new album, especially 'you da one' :D xo

  8. The illustrations look great. I haven't listened to the Rihanna album yet.

  9. Drawing your week, thats an interestin' idea!

  10. This is such an incredible idea! Your art is lovely ^^

  11. Your illustrations are so nice, I love this idea for these posts! Looking forward to seeing your DIY post.

  12. Oh this is such a coo idea, your illustrations look fab :)

    L x

  13. Such a cute post! I love your illustrations and it sounds like you had a great week! :) xx


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