05 December 2012

2true New Season Nails

Hi Sophie, would you like to try out some brand new nail polishes? Um, yes please! I think you all know how much of a nail fanatic I am, so I couldn't turn down the opportunity to add to my ever growing nail polish collection..

2true, have launched 9 new shades which include high shine crystal polishes, glitter and chic neutrals. I got to try 6 of the new polishes, so here they are;
L > R: Shade 1, Sapphire | Shade 12, Mushroom | Shade 13, Soft Grey | Shade 9, Rio | Shade 7, Miami | Shade 10, St. Tropez
Firstly, I tried out the three polishes from the Crystal Couture collection. These remind of the Models Own Beetlejuice collection, except not as duochrome - more high shine metallic, foil like. On my thumb and little finger is Rio, my index and ring is St. Tropez and on my middle is Miami

I used three coats of polish on each. Rio is a lovely copper colour with pink and gold shimmer running through it, St. Tropez is a unique dark purpley colour with blue and red shimmer. Miami is a pink with tiny flecks of blue through it. St. Tropez is a lot like purple blue by Models Own.

I love neutral nail polish so I was excited to try these next two. They certainly impressed!
Mushroom is exactly like one of my favourite nail polishes - Big Smoke by Topshop! I'd definitely save yourself £3 and go and pick this one up if you were thinking of buying the Topshop one. It was good to apply and only took 2 coats to be fully opaque. 

On my ring finger I tried out Soft Grey which was also like Mushroom regarding application. I think it's a great staple colour - I can't believe I didn't have a grey nail polish before this!
This last one is one of the three from the Glitterati collection. Sapphire is a light blue glitter with large flat glitter particles throughout it. It's quite thin so I think it's more of a layering polish but you could build it up to wear it on it's own. I think this is a brilliant colour for the festive season if you didn't want to go for the obvious red or gold nails over Christmas as it's almost icy.
Layered over Soft Grey on Ring finger and Mushroom on thumb
As far as chipping is concerned, Sapphire was much like any other polish I wear - no polish can withstand a day at my work! I did do pretty well though.
I also did a bit of nail art, as I always think a simple bit of nail art looks great over a nude as it livens it up a little, nude doesn't have to be boring!

These polishes get a big thumbs up from me! The polishes are available as of today (5th December) nationwide in Superdrug stores. They retail at £1.99 each or 3 for £4.99! Bargain. I'm going to pick up the last three to complete my collection :) I'll definitely be checking out the rest of 2true's new polishes!

What do you think of the new polishes? 


  1. Nice deal on them! x


  2. Wow, what total bargains! I love the bronze-y shades.

  3. These colours look lovely! I really like the look of Mushroom, I love greys/nudes. And Sapphire looks great layered!



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