26 November 2012

Wish List #26

Umm, GUESS WHO WON A £100 TOPSHOP VOUCHER?! Yep, my fancy fingertips won one of their Halloween #trickortweet prizes and it's currently in the post on it's way to me! *Ridiculously excited!* It seemed only fitting that I dedicate wish list number 26 entirely to Topshop..
Top #1 & #2 | Pyjamas | Ring | Phone purse | Nail Polish #1 & #2 | Bag
The website does not do this top justice at all! If you've seen it in the shops you'll know the collar is super sparkly and perfect for Christmas - it's a contender for my Christmas do.

Look at how nifty this little phone case/purse clutch thing is! Everything compact and in one place - grab and go. 

I'm quite tempted to blow the £100 on just nail polish! Or is that taking my addiction a bit too far?! I don't have many Topshop nail polishes but I really love all the ones I do have.

I don't think this image does this bag any justice either. It's got a really nice gold frame base and is such a great staple for my wardrobe.

What would you buy with £100 from Topshop?!


  1. Congrats :)

    btw how do you put all this different stuff pics together with white background?


  2. Ooh congrats on winning the voucher lovely!
    I've been dying to get my hands on the phone case/wallet combo for ages, such a practical idea!
    And how adorable are those pyjamas? Perfect for Christmas morning :) xx

  3. I really like youe wish list. HAve a great day


  4. Jealoussss! Those pyjamas are SO cute!


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