28 August 2011

Sunday Summary #3

This week went a little something like this...
Spending silly amounts of time on the Models Own website
Eating too many strawberries!
Discovering my Mum's stash of Soap & Glory!
New underwear and notebook :D
Learning about Depth of Field, thanks to Gem :)
A visit to Penshurst Place - check out that scary sky!
And finally - bargain of the week: A 'Chanel inspired' belt found in my local charity shop for £1!
A few other bits too:
- A big thank you for all the lovely comments you've been leaving and for reading my blog :)
- I found a really good editing website called InstantRetro, as you can see I went a bit crazy on some of the above pictures!
- My previous post was my 100th post, which marked a nice milestone. Here's to the next one hundred!


  1. The belt is amazing! I'm so gutted I haven't got no money to spend in the models own sale :(



  2. You did really well with your photo!! Well done :) I spent silly amounts too, can't wait to get my goodies though! xxx

  3. Oooh I spent ages trying to decide which polishes to get from the sale, which ones did you decide on?
    I love when I find a stash of things my mum has forgotten she has, I've stolen so many odd bits from her over the years :)

  4. Your new notebook is adorable! I spent ages on the models own website this week too, so hard to decide which shades to buy! xx

  5. I love the Models Own nail polishes, they have such a great collection! Love the Paperchase notebook, I nearly bought that one this week but went for a different one in the end xx

  6. Oooo, thank you for sharing that photo editing website!
    And congrats on 100 posts! Makes me think I post waaayy too frequently and excessively as I'm at 400th.. :|


  7. No such thing as too many strawberries!

  8. Gorgeous photos, I hate dark skies already!

    And I love your new buys (n yes, I think the models own website is addictive, too!)

    Jules @ A Bit of Jules

  9. umm delicious that cake or I don't know what it is haha _;D



  10. mmm strawberries! :D i love the flowers photo too, great editing. thanks for your lovely comment :) visit again soon xxx


  11. Gorgeous pics and i'm loving the belt!!! I need one in my life!!!


  12. love your photo of the flowers :) xo

  13. ohh the cake looks soo yummi, and your underwear is absolutelly cute!! Great pictures..
    ♥ ... milla

  14. I love that belt - what a bargain! Thats cakes looks pretty amazing too. x

  15. I'm so tempted to get some stuff off Models Own seeing has it's half price, I do like a bargain!

    That strawberry biscuity thinggy majig looks so yummy too, I don't blame you for eating too many strawberries! Grats on your 100th milestone too, you never really realise how quickly time flies I think. x

  16. looveee the belt!

  17. Spent a ridic amount of time on the models own website last week too :P Love the snap of penshurst place :)

    L x


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