31 August 2011

August Favourites

My favourite August images for inspiration - all from Lookbook.

01. LINK - I still want an American flag top, Topshop never got my size in!
02. LINK - I love the cape detailing on this shirt, made completely informal with the vintage high waisted shorts and thigh high socks.
03. LINK - I'm not a fan of midi skirts but this one is so pretty, especially paired with the oversized fushcia top.
04. LINK - This girl's legs are insanely long! I really like the layering beneath the oversized masculine blazer.
05. LINK - These leggings are just amazing! I want to do a DIY with the shirt also.
06. LINK - I like the mix of textures in this outfit, the big chunky knit, little leather satchel, scalloped edges, topped off with a chiffon scarf on the bag.
07. LINK - I feel like another DIY coming on! I also love arm cuffs - shame it's not warm enough to show them off in the UK :(
08. LINK - I love all this jewellery, I want her jewellery box! I also love the nail colour, I'm still looking for the perfect nude nail polish.
09. LINK - Really do like the cut out sleeves - a simple way to add interest to a plain old t shirt. I also might try the double belt thing!
I wanted a more substantial post today, but I've been out all day for the last three days so time has prevented me! It is the last day of August however, so I suppose I had to fit this in somewhere. 
I've got a few ideas for some more DIYs which I'm looking forward to doing, just need to gather materials and what not :) I will probably work on them tomorrow whilst I wait for my new mattress to be delivered and hopefully my Models Own order! I'm blaming Royal Mail :\


  1. These are all such gorgeous outfits.

    Lucy x

  2. Lave these

  3. great post. I love outfit no.6 - that's my face!

    thanks for the comment on my blog!

    Jules @ a bit of jules

  4. Cool outfits!!:D Very inspiring!!:D

    Stop by some time:D


    Mia's Little Corner

  5. Hope your deliveries come through, I hate it when they're late; especially if you've paid extra for them to early!

    I'm in love with the 4th look, she looks a little like Twiggy!

  6. Great post, I love the second set of images!

  7. Great inspiration; I love the variety of styles, particularly the little details that make them each so unique and quirky.

    Ooh I absolutely loved your "colour crush" post btw - burgundy is my fave colour, that draped blazer from new look is officially on my autumn wishlist now ;)

  8. The shirt from the second picture is gorgeous!x

  9. These are some great looks, I hate to admit that trawling through lookbook grates on me sometimes. That girls legs are unbelievable - I'm sighing with jealousy right now. x

  10. some really cool outfits xx


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