10 August 2011

Primark Buys

Sorry for the absence (again!) I've been away camping, so I've had no internet, which was rather blissful, coming back to all these riots however was not so - I hope you're all doing okay wherever you may be.

On Monday, I dragged my mum up to London for some intensive shopping on Oxford Street to part with some of my birthday dosh, so here's what I got...
Horse Print Scarf: £1 | Tan Satchel: £6.
Swallow Print Scarf: £1 | Tan Satchel: £6 | Electric Blue Sheer Striped Vest: £4. 
Black Waterfall Top: £4
Padlock and Key Earrings: £1
Double Fingered Key Ring: £2
Pink and Purple Double Ended Make-Up Brushes: £1.50 each.
I also got these babies, which means I finally own a pair of block heels. Overall, a very bargainous and successful shopping trip I feel. I'm looking forward to trying out the make up brushes, have you ever tried any Primark make up?



  1. Ooh I love the bag!
    I wish my local Primark did make up brushes, I'd love to try them! :) x

  2. I LOVE that horse print scarf x

  3. The horse print scarf is gorgeous!



  4. How cute are those earings! Might have to take a trip down there tomorrow see if they've got them in my Primark!


  5. Hey hun, what a great haul, love the Primark purchases, the tan satchel is gorgeous! I was in London yesterday but didn't get a chance to go to Oxford street as I was with hubby and he resists shopping as much as possible! Will have to get to Lakeside soon, the Primark there is pretty big! Great blog, I am following, maybe you could check mine out and follow back?? xx

  6. oh i love primark, i'm determined not to spend any money until my birthday though, but it's so hard when primark of all places have such nice things!
    i love scarves, and since i'm going to new york in the middle of winter, that's my excuse to buy even more! i love that horsey one.
    hope you had a nice time camping and haven't been affected by the riots :(

  7. yeah it is a 'build a bear' haha.
    and yeah, i've been okay, they apparently hit basildon though which is like an hour from me xxx

  8. Great buys! That horse print scarf is adorable xx

  9. I have not tried Primark make up. I do like your bag x

  10. i love primark, i wish we had one here!

  11. thanks for taking a look at my blog(:
    you got some lovely buys here. loving the scarves! x

  12. Man, I miss Primark! Great buys! xo

  13. LOVE that scarf !
    i have never thought to buy make up brushes from there.
    Are they good quality ?


  14. I LOVE that satchel along with those scarves.

    AND I love the colours of the make-up brushes! :)

    Julia @ Retro Jules

  15. for fashion Lovers Like you :
    please comment and follow!
    love the blog
    thanks! xx

  16. Ahh I miss Primark! I moved to Malta recently and the shopping isnt so good. I literally love all your purchases, the key ring and the satchel being my favs :) xx

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  17. That swallow scarf is SO beautiful and I am so envious of it! It will look cute with so many outfits. Nice find :)


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