09 May 2011

Wish list #8

Just had to squeeze this post in, I'm missing blogging! I got a mountain of work done today so thought I'd give myself a little break. I hope everyone's revision/coursework/artwork is all going well too if you're stuck in the same situation! So, I haven't posted a wish list for a while - guess I haven't had too much time to look really. I've had a pair of brown brogues stuck in my head for ages though, I haven't found the perfect ones anywhere.
1.  2.  3.  4.  5.
1. An odd looking image of this H&M skirt. It's time to give my black tube skirt a break I figured!
2. I was going to get some Converse but I always think Converse look a bit strange on my feet?! These are cheaper anyway, I'm not completely decided on the colour either, I've got a thing for yellow at the moment but maybe I should just get the off white pair? What do you guys think?
3. Stacking rings which remind me of the YSL arty enamel ring
4. A definite YSL arty ring inspired piece!
5. Pack of mixed earrings, I really like the mini crosses, they're cute.

A few things which I want but haven't got pretty pictures and links to are:
- Primark brown brogues - preferably with crochet detailing :)
- Vintage Levi shorts - who doesn't want a pair!?
- H&M earrings - As seen in this video at 07:52 on ThePersianBabe's YT video!

I very nearly got these shorts too, but I had to stop myself. The colour is so gorgeous and they're only £15! Also they're Levi's. They aren't something I really see myself wearing to be honest no matter how amazing they are!
I'm off to London on Thursday, I'm planning on making a trip to the Topshop Outlet, I really hope it doesn't disappoint - has anyone been there? Yeah, so all of these little desires could easily change!


  1. I hear the Topshop outlets are quite good if you have a root around. Sometimes there are damaged pieces but if it's something like a hole you could always stitch it up. The yellow shorts are amazing, I'm definitely going to try ebay for a vintage pair. ps where is the arty inspired ring from? x

  2. Ooh where's the Topshop outlet?
    I love the H&M tube skirts and I really love that ring!!x

  3. i love your wishlist! i love everything on it!

    and the yellow shorts are amazing!!

  4. I LOVE the yellow shorts! I keep debating whether to buy a pair of bright turquoise ones from Topshop, but like you said I dont know if Id ever actually wear them.

  5. Both those rings are lovely, as are the yellow shorts! :) xx

  6. All of that wish list is gorgeous! Espesh the jewellery! I've recently brought yellow shorts from H&M :)



  7. Lovely wishlist, those yellow shoes are so nice! quite liking how they look beside the navy too :) xo


  8. those rings and earrings are now on my wishlist too, they are lovely :3

  9. I'd say get the yellow converse.. coz you'd be wearing white ones and thinking 'I wish these were yellow' lol

    love everything :)



  10. hi.. dont get me started with the wish list i love your wish list by the was i want them earrings lol!

    great blog/post



  11. Everything looks lovely, I really want those pretty pretty earrings. Where from? Oh and theres A TOPSHOP OUTLET? take me with you? Plus, you could pull of those yellow shorts! panda xo

  12. Those Levi's! The colour is amazing, I am drawn to anything yellow! Im going London this weekend and I will be round oxford street area so I am hoping to visit Topshop there (5 floors aaah!)

  13. woah those shorts are amazing but I see what you mean.thanks for all the comments xx


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