14 May 2011


Hey everyone! I'm officially back now. All the college work is completely over and I managed to get most of it done and submitted on time, I have to go in for a few things over the coming weeks but it's nothing major. I went to London on Thursday for an intense day of shopping and then I saw Everything Everything in the evening who were excellent!

Here are a few purchases (all from Primark) it all came to £14.50 - bargain!
Sunglasses are so hard to photograph :\

I also managed to get my hands on the Electric Teal nail polish freebie from Instyle Magazine. It's nice as I don't have a colour like this, it decided to chip in my index finger and thumb though after a day and a half. Still, not bad though. I don't think I'd pay the usual £11 price tag.

And lastly a little heads up for you lot, Jack Wills have a 20% off everything over the weekend with the code: JW20. I'm going to get the yellow trainers I posted in my last wish list :)



  1. those little shorts are so cute!

  2. Welcome back..... i liked ur shade so much....

    visit my blog if u can....

  3. congrats on handing everything in, yay! the shorts look cuuute xx

  4. Those shorts are really cute, great colour :) x

  5. Cute shorts, and lovely nail polish colour! xxx

  6. I like the colour of your nail polish! It's really pretty. The sunnies are really cute as well, and such a good bargain :)


  7. I love those shorts! Need a pair.

    The Topshop Outlet I go to is in a town called Slough, in the county Berkshire. It's not in London but you can get a train to and from London :)

  8. Those shorts and ring are lovely!

  9. Love the shorts!! The color is amazing!


  10. Absolutely gorgeous shorts! I'd love to see them in an outfit post - Love the earrings as well, the colour is gorgeous :) Looking forward to seeing the Jack Wills trainers!

    London's Closet xoxo

  11. I like the shorts!! :-)

    My blog
    xoxo Michaela


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