16 May 2011

We've got our Guns and Horses

A much needed outfit post is in order today, I can't remember the last one I did!? Technically this wasn't what I wore today I wore it on Thursday in London. This is my new blouse which if you remember I gave you a little sneaky peek of a few posts back! I'm pretty much completely obsessed by it, the colour, the collar and the little horses running over it :) I'm not really one for animal prints but this one was just too amazing!

Blouse: Republic
Shorts: New Look (old)
Love Ring: Topshop
Coral Stone Ring: H&M
I'm so into my corals at the moment, I think they make me look more tanned :) Which brings me on nicely to my blog layout which I'm currently working on - does anyone else find new looks/layouts such a mission? I'm going to draw a header tomorrow so look out for that!

Sleep well everyone :)


  1. this top is perfect, from the color to the cut to the design.
    and the shorts are pretty.
    i am such a big fan of the shorts and ttights look!

  2. Lovely blouse the colour and print is stunning x

  3. Love the blouse :)



  4. I love the colour and print of your blouse, it's gorgeous. I agree, new layouts are so hard to get right, I find that I have to dedicate a good couple of hours to get it all done in one go when I'm feeling a bit blah about my blog.


  5. I love the blouse and the ring the colours are gorgeous X

  6. Absolutely gorgeous top! I love the animal print, and the colour is gorgeous, it does make you look tanned :) Good luck with finding a new blog layout! It takes me absolutely years! xxx

  7. LOVE this outfit! you look gorgeous girl! xxxx

  8. i love the top , amazing xoxo

  9. You have just convinced me to buy this blouse even though it has no sleeves, thank you! It looks amazing on you! xx


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