23 March 2012

Wish list #18: River Island Sale

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The River Island Sale started online today so I thought I'd share some bargains with you! Because I really can't resist a bargain. I'm not the biggest fan of River Island if I'm honest, I think it's so hit and miss. I do always love their bags though. My favourite pieces from above are the dip dye jeans, the little mint dress and the lemon knit - all perfect for Spring!

Anything take your fancy?


  1. I really love their sale, there's so many good pieces. I love everything you've featured here xx

  2. I'm pretty much loving all of these! The shirts are so cute though. I'm the same as you about River Island, sometimes their stuff is so lovey and sometimes not so much! xx

  3. Great wishlist! I love pink blouse and pants! tooootal!

    xoxo from München
    La Vie Quotidienne

  4. O dear are all these items in the sale? what are you doing to me, I have no money :-( Have a great weekend xxx

  5. I love the dress and the necklace!
    Claudia xxx

  6. all of these take my fancy!!! SALE, my favorite word in the dictionary. LOL.

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  7. Hey! In reply to your comment - I select the photos by clicking on the first, holding shift, then clicking on the last and they start to upload but then fail, so I have to resort to opening each separately xx

  8. I checked out the sale this morning, its totally hit and miss you're right! i used to work there and i would either love everything or nothing at all!
    abbi x

  9. Oh my gosh, NEED those jeans x

  10. I'm not a huge fan of River Island, either, but those dip dye jeans and the aztec print tee are lovely, might have to scour the sale (or what's left of it) for something haha :) xx

  11. I love the pink blouse! I'm the same when it comes to RI, I'll always have a browse when I'm shopping but there's not very often anything I really love x

  12. No way is that dress £15!! (Yeah, I've already clicked through to look...) RI are weird, there are some things I love, but then they have loads of stuff thats nearly there, but then put loads of diamante on it - so annoying.

  13. ARGHHH wish I hadn't clicked on your post.. I've now found myself clicking on the links to these things like OOOH SALE! The dress is amazing. I waaant!xx

  14. Can't resist a good sale (:
    I love the dip dye jeans so much !

  15. Adorable wishlist, love their pastels pieces this spring! x


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