07 March 2012

Mismatched Nails

Just filling you in on my latest nail designs! I would've liked to do a tutorial like I usually do but I ended up being in a rush, I swear no matter how much time I set aside for myself I'm always rushing around at the last minute! Is anyone else like this?
This is sort of a favourites mix really. I think the little black cross on the Barry M silver foil effects looks really effective - almost like a piece of jewellery! I recently discovered black polka dots over a nude/light coloured nail polish, I find this looks really sophisticated. I saw the hypnotic design on Tumblr the other day and of course had to try it!
I popped into Sainsburys today at lunch and saw that Cosmopolitan magazine had Clinqiue freebies with it, so I felt obliged to pick one up! Just a little heads up if you didn't know!
I also got my little Hello Kitty piggy bank which I painted back from the ceramics place I went to a few weeks ago! She's completely ready for Spring :)

Apologies for the all over the place blog post! I'm really tired - I think maybe all this jitteryness is a sign that it's time for bed. Sweet dreams!


  1. These nails are just gorgeous! I love! xx

  2. Great nails! And I love hello kitty :D x

  3. Aw, that Hello Kitty is so cute!

  4. I LOVE YOUR HK KITTY BANK!!! You painted it so well.

  5. Amazing nails! Would love a tutorial :) love the hypnotic pattern one x

  6. Gorgeous nail combinations, I love the orange and black one:)


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