13 June 2011

Wish list #10

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I've been trying to write this post for ages but I keep getting distracted (I've just come back after saving an innocent mouse from my cats evil jaws!) This post was actually going to be a DIY too but I mucked it up so I'll have to rethink that one. Anyway...

1. Mustard body con skirt: I don't have anything mustard in my wardrobe, I wouldn't mind a mustard shift dress either...
2. I've wanted something with stars and stripes on for a long time and I was thinking of buying just a plain black bandeau for the summer, but hey, why not meet in the middle?! 
3. I love these bracelets! They disappeared from the website for a while and I was pretty distraught, haha! I already have the red one, I want to get all of them though :) I seem to be cocking everything up recently so I thought it was appropriate ;)
4. I've always liked the infamous Topshop flag shorts, but they're so sought after so many people must have a pair by now. Definitely going to have to try them on :D
5. Not completely sure about this ring but it's got the YSL arty ring feel to it.

Lastly, how cool is this Danielle Scutt jewellery? I doubt I'd wear any of it but I like the idea!


  1. american flag's are so big right now, love the shorts! xxx

  2. I really love the chunky ring, might be a little annoying to wear but its awesome nonetheless!

  3. Love the bandeau! Been looking for one for a while now :)

    Love Ellen

  4. Thanks babe! The ring is so fab!

  5. I love the colour of the skirt, and I need that bandeau in my summer wardrobe!

  6. Love the flag bandeau! would be perfect for my hols :)



  7. Love the shorts
    and thankyou for the youtube link

  8. That bandeau is seriously cool!!


  9. Omg my days that bandeau! I need it! I love the shorts 2 but they would be so easy to do DIY and I hate Topshop pricing -_- haha! As for the jewelery I like the lipstick earrings but I doubt I'll be buying any of them!

    Love J.

  10. Great shorts! :)

    Just came across your blog and its great! So I'm following and looking forward to your future posts


  11. ah love the flag shorts and bandeau! great picks girl :)


  12. That ring is definitely lovely! Love the yellow skirt and the top too! Well done for rescuing the poor little mouse! :p xx

  13. love stars and stripes last summer i think? no maybe before that i made a stars and stipes top using stencils and sponges to make it look faded x

  14. love the cock it up bracelet,AMAZING :D

    kate xo


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