05 June 2011

Sunday Summary #3

Not much has been going on at all recently but I feel the need for a ramble (which I'm actually going to call a Sunday Summary, in hope that it will have a bit of structure :L)
Poor attempt at aztec nails :\
Turned around to find my cat in the shower (the doors were open) - I shut them for picture purposes. Don't worry though, she didn't mind, I'm not a cat abuser!
Made some chocolate chip cookies, which came out really doughy, didn't have any chocolate chips so had to cut up chunks of chocolate!

Other things that have happened this week:
- I made a grand total of £89.55 on ebay :D I probably won't spend it because I'm awful at spending money.
- My mum had a 'secret millionaire' moment, it was so crazily weird.
- Went out on Thursday night and spent just £2! (Massive pre-drink, bottle of Vodka in handbag, four of us in the taxi if you wanted to know how I managed it :P) On the downside though I managed to rub my feet raw and couldn't walk properly for the next two days, stupid high heels.
- My Missguided jeans arrived, am very pleased with them - definitely recommend Missguided if you want all the pretty things from Topshop but aren't willing to pay sky high prices!
- Won't be ordering from H&M again, never did get my rings.
- Wanted Steven Hall from BGT to win, usually I hate the sort of 'not so talented comedy acts' but I thought he was flipping hilarious! Razy was also amazing too, not so fond of the others - seen it all before.
- I lost my fake tan virginity too ;)

What have you been up too this week?


  1. Great nails and your cat is soooo cute.

    Those cookies look absolutely yummy.

    I agree re Missguided I ordered a lovely cream lace dress from there and its gorgeous I am a fan now. xx

  2. Your nails look great, I'd never have the patience to do that!


  3. you did a good job on the nails! xxx

  4. how funny your cat was in the shower! my bf came home one day to find the neighbours cat sleeping on his bed! no idea how he got there! lol xo

  5. I would call that a FABULOUS attempt at Aztec nails - they're so cool! And those cookies look deeelicious.

    sorelle in style

  6. that's so not a poor attempt!! i tried and ended up with a big blob of black all over haha, terrible. love yours though! x

  7. i think your nails look really good!

  8. Aww, this is lovely,
    I love it!

    Henar ♥
    ... OH MY VOGUE !

  9. I love your little cat <3. Lovely post!

    Hugs from:

  10. haha love the cat photo. i'm guilt of locking my cat in my room to make it spend time with me. LOL! x

  11. I love the aztec nails! I've been fake tanning for a while, but only from a bottle....im so pale even if I spend a week in Hawaii;(
    Aesthetic Lounge

  12. your nails are absolute perfection!

    // themerrimari.blogspot.com

  13. ARGH, looks so damn jummy! Love your cat, I've got two of my own :)! Amazing creatures! Would you like to follow each other? love, m.

  14. lovely nails !
    and the cookies....yummy !

    ciao ave
    new post by me

  15. Love all of these! Esp your aztec nails. Please do mine. x hivenn

  16. your nails look really cool, Love the tribal print!

  17. wow your nails are amazing
    i need to do mine, some how i don't think the'll be quite as good as yours however!

  18. these nails are great! Aww i love your cat


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