21 December 2010

Press... :Record:

My first blog post. Peculiar...
Suppose I should introduce myself and what not but who wants to stick to the rules? It'll come later, for now it's nice being unknown and mysterious.

Anyway, I have to begin somewhere so, I decided to start this blog mainly just to keep a record of my life and what I do, so later on I can look back and I can remember what I did when I younger. It's so easy to forget so much in your life, and focus on the main things when really there are all the small things that make you smile.

So, let us commence.

001. Went with the famalam to get the Christmas tree, to our local farm. Lovely and Christmassy in the snow :)
002. Jack Wills wristband that was in my Christmas Cracker today - my mum puts my brother and I three crackers in the tree and we have some little treats before Christmas! Sweeeet. I'd quite like the rest of the colours now, but they've sold out!
003. Primark stag Union Jack cushion, slightly creepy yet amazing at the same time. It'll fit perfectly in the Jack Wills room which I will get round to decorating one day...

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  1. I have that cushion too! I love it so much. Loving going through some of your older posts :)

    Bel x


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