24 December 2010

Cooler than me

Went into town today - not really sure why, it was quite spontaneous. My gramps has recently retired and he was fine during the summer where he could potter around in the garden, but in the cold weather he's bored! He went round Tesco's with my mum the other day and shopping certainly isn't his favourite thing... So into town we popped. 
Initially I wanted to get my hair cut because its seriously dead atm! That sort of went out the window, so did our shopping plans.
Mum: "Lets walk through Topshop to get to Boots"
Me: "Sounds good! I'll have a sneak peek..."
Half an hour later we're in the queue, lol.

Topshop skater skirt in camel £20

I saw this on the mannequin and few weeks back and fell in love with it. Had a brouse round and found the beauty and it had 15 pounds off! Result! Was very pleased because skater skirts are going to be a big news for s/s 2011 - think Louis Vuitton. Also loving the camel, slightly ashamed to say my first piece of camel coloured clothing. It's very versatile actually. 
It's good quality as well. I often find Topshop things don't always last that long but I think this is a winner :)

Set off looking for Barry M red glitter nail varnish, but both Boots and Superdrug failed me. Probably left it too close to Christmas, whoops!

Couldn't pass up the chance either to go to River Island. Part of their sale has started and I can't pass up a sale! I never used to like RI, I don't think I ever looked properly and just passed it up as 'chavy'. You still get a few dodgy pieces but there are some really unique pieces and really on trend. I think their bags are always worth looking at. I had my eye on this Ring clutch because I love how they used McQueen as inspiration with the knuckleduster ring, I already have two leopard print bags though!

I was going to have these for my birthday way back in July, but I didn't fancy paying 8 quid for something I'm potentially going to ladder in a day. I'm not very careful with tights! So I snapped these up pretty quickly because they're similar to Chanel's temporary tattoos.

Overall I'm a happy bunny, went to the pub in the evening too for a long awaited catch up with my friend who's just returned from uni. 

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