05 September 2011

Sunday Summary #4

I know, I know... It's a Monday but Sunday slipped away from me!
1. My Models Own order arrived! What colours did you get?
2. Visited Dover Castle on Monday
3. Cheeky seagull in Hastings
4. The home of 'Winne The Pooh' - Ashdown Forest
5. New MUA palette in Starry Night 
1. My long awaited Models Own order arrived, I got Top Turquoise, Juicy Jules, Peacock Green, Purple Haze, Bubblegum and a basecoat if you were wondering :)
2. You might be wondering why I've been on quite a fair few days out over this Summer - it's because our family never got round to booking a holiday and the last minute deals didn't appeal to us! Dover Castle was pretty good, I liked the secret wartime tunnels, you really got a feel for what it might have been like back in the 40s. Take a jumper though if you visit, it's a tad chilly down there!
3. On the Tuesday we went to Hastings and did all the touristy things, fish and chips for lunch, ice creams, the arcade and finished off by looking in the antique/junk shops... I have never seen so much junk in my life! Definitely worth checking out, if you're there!
4. Went for a woodland stroll, around Pooh Corner, the picture is of mini honey pots which people had left for Winnie, it was so sweet! There was also a little door in the side of the tree and messages from people :')
5. Finally got my hands on some MUA Pro, no where near me stocks it! I was admiring it, then next thing on I know my clumsy brother knocks it out of my hands. I managed to catch it on the way down but dented several shadows as I saved it! I wouldn't speak to him for hours, lol.

How was your week?


  1. Sounds like you had a great time! Love the look of that MUA Pro palette! xx

  2. I love the nail polishes you got! xx


  3. you've been busy!!!


    love your photos :)

  4. Oh wow, I NEED to go to Pooh corner! It sounds great :)
    Someone bough Top Turquoise for me so hopefully that will be arriving tomorrow :) x

  5. love the starry night palette so much; definitely on my wishlist!
    xo Elly @ strawberrylacemoustache.blogspot.com

  6. LOve the green colours of your varnishes x

  7. Love the nail varnishes great colours! i ordered Top turquoise too can't wait for it to arrive! x

  8. Dover looks so quaint! The grass is so green!

  9. These pictures all look adorable- I love English countryside. If I ever moved back it would only be if I could live somewhere like that!

    I also love all the colours you chose from Models Own- great selection :) xx

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  10. cool pics!

    xoxo from rome

  11. i got juicy jules too, cant believe ive existed so long without it its amazing! x

  12. I feel like painting my nails now. Thanks for sharing a great post and feel free to drop by me too, soon.

  13. I love the polish colours you got <3 I am obsessed with glitter polish!

    Lost in the Haze

  14. oh my god people left honey for pooh thats so sweet!! i wanna go!! lol :) xo

  15. woo! my MO order came too check the colours out here



  16. I have awarded you with a blog award! for being one of my favourite blogs! check it out here:




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